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Headcase “Etch A Sketch” iPad Case


Not a fan of the iPad, but this is a good look…Headcase and Etch A Sketch mash up the old skool with the new skool to create this unique case design. Im an avid fan of the Etch a Sketch and had a few growing up, defo a classic. The case not only looks freshhhh, but kinda acts as a device protector from them dodgy knocks.…

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Love my supernatural/twisted horror flicks, and the ”DEVIL”, seems maddddd, well with a title like that, it has to be something crazy or something trying to be something its not, not good, we”ll see! Part 1 of 3, in the NIght Chronicles, the film is produced by M Night Shyamalan”s (Signs, The Village, Sixth Sense) but directed by Drew and John Erick Dowdle, the two film makers who wrote Quarantine, sikkk film!…

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Professor Green – Monster

Ha, this video is jokes! Good to see Pro Green havin fun with the vid, nuff randomness going on! Nice selection of totty too! Big toon, big vid, enjoy!


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