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The live art event that was ‘Turner on the Terrace‘ to celebrate the release of the film Mr Turner , kicked off last week and what a sweet ‘Turn’ out it was!

Thought up by the lovely Myra of The Porterhouse Bar, organised by the sweet Jeannine of Sabalanglois, and fresh Turneresque art from the likes of Chris Burke, Ben Tallon, Magnus Irvin and myself…

Big thanks to everyone who came down and the super sweet guys who helped out Stuart and the rest of the Regents guys, the lovely waitresses, Little Peaks for their MMMM Mini Meringues and Mark Langlois…woof woof to Harold (Mark’s dog) who couldn’t make it…

And thats not all folks…

Due to the event being so successful, there will be live painting in front of the Porterhouse Pub every Sunday up til December with a range of artists getting their Turner on…exact times and artists TBC…will post up when I know what’s what…

I will be down this Saturday from 12-4pm painting yet another barrel inspired by Turner, so feel free to pass through and say elo…may bring some bits n bobs to sell too :)

Photo credits: Katy Photography / Paul Langlois / Tatler UK / Me

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Just got back from Tokyo, WOW!, what a place…a meaty blog post coming up shortly…

Back in London, just wanted to give you a heads up on ‘Turner on the Terrace’, a live art event next week to coincide with the release of the film Mr Turner, starring Timothy Spall as the artist himself.

Organised by good friend Jeannine Saba of Sabalanglois, the event at the Porterhouse Bar will showcase 4 artists including myself, Chris Burke, Magnus Irwin and Ben Tallon, creating works inspired by Turner in our own unique way, and which will be up for sale on the night…

Full breakdown of event above, so feel free to come down, have a drinky and enjoy some arty :)


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Konnichi wa!

So yes, I decided I had to visit Tokyo, Japan this year as it was on the hit list, plus I was needing a break from the same ol’ same ol’ in London, it gets like that sometimes, you just gotta break the pattern to fuel some fresh inspiration.

Expect a crazy, cool blog piece on this one…feel free to keep up to date on my Instagram where i’ll be uploading pics from my visit daily, if not, hold tight for the blog piece in about two weeks…until then, SAYONARA!…

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cara delevingne lips

I passed through the Miniature Ink Exhibition launch last week, run by Atomica Gallery and Things And Ink magazine, and enjoyed every minute of it!

The exhibition features over 100 crazy talented tattooists from around the globe all coming together to donate a work of art to raise awareness for the cancer charity Sarcoma UK.

And if the super fresh art wasn’t enough, Supermodel Cara Delevingne and Super talented tattoo artist Cally Jo showed up and squeezed in a selfie with my Sweet Toof sticker, #COOLFRESHPOW

Well done to Alice Snape (editor of T & I Mag), the rest of the Things & Ink team and Atomica Gallery for such a great show…

The exhibit is on from now til 15th October 2014, so whizz down and have a looky if you ain’t been already…

#GreatArtGreatCause :)


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